Travis y Moi



Travis Scott, one of the biggest Hip Hop stars of today and Toro Y Moi, the biggest name to come out of the chillwave movement and a force in the Indie pop scene. These are two of my favorite artists, and for good reason. They make music in different genres, their themes and content may be different. But you’ll see that there are more similarities between them then one might think.

Chaz (Of Toro Y Moi) and Travis Scott have worked together on several occasions. The first being on Scott’s mixtape Owl Pharaoh on an interlude appropriately titled “Chaz interlude”. This mixtape was the first time Travis was introduced to the world. Although this mixtape was rough and met with mixed reviews, it proved that Travis was tailoring a unique sound and was willing to experiment with his music.

Toro Y Moi’s debut, Causers of This, shared many of the same characteristics. Although, where it really got interesting was with the release of his second album, Anything in Return.  The second album was a fast paced, Melancholy, break beat jam. This was the first time I was introduced to Toro Y Moi, and I like to think It was the first time Travis Scott was. Some of the vocal patterns of this album can be heard in future Travis Scott projects. Most notably Birds in Trap Sing McKnight.

Rodeo, Travis’s debut album, was where he established his unique style that would influence Hip Hop music for years to come. Toro Y Moi is featured again on This project, this time on the Pharell produced “Flying High”. On this track it seems like they met halfway to produce a nice rhythm and groove track.

The influence appears to go both ways. On Toro Y Moi’s latest album, Boo Boo, Chaz mentions Travis as an influence for the album’s creation. He also claims Daft Punk, and Frank Ocean as influences. The Scott influence is noticeable on the album especially on the first single “Girl Like You”. Hopefully this partnership brings more collaborations in the future. Who knows maybe even a Joint project?

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