The Bizarre Art of The Denver Airport

The art that is found at airports usually represents the culture and spirit of its city. Memphis International Airport has several art pieces that represent its strong blues history. Albuquerque International has many Mexican paintings and sculptures. I, however, am not entirely sure what the art at the Denver airport is supposed to represent.

Peace and Harmony with Nature


First let me explain an interesting tidbit about Denver, Colorado. It is the center of several conspiracy theories. One claiming that it is the site of a top secret government base, another stating that is the location of the Illuminati’s Headquarters. This means that every year the most powerful people in the world meet here to discuss their evil agenda. Of course I don’t believe any of this, but I have to admit that its airport’s art does not help with the argument.

This meeting happened in Denver.

This meeting happened in Denver.

The airport itself is somewhat cryptic and mysterious. A large portion of it is underground with only certain parts of it being accessible to the public. This leads to more theories as to what lies behind its closed doors. I recently had the chance to fly in to Denver Airport. I had heard about the art in DIA and was on the lookout when I arrived there. The first thing I noticed was a large wall mural called “Peace and Harmony with Nature”. I’m not sure if this title was meant to be ironic because nothing looked peaceful about it. The image features a crying child at what appears to be an open-casket funeral. In the background is a forest engulfed in flames. After taking some time to take in the mural, I headed to baggage claim where I was greeted by some sinister-looking gargoyles. The gargoyles were emerging out of suitcases so I knew this had to be baggage claim.

The baggage claim gargoyles

The baggage claim gargoyles

Once you leave the airport, you are met by Denver very own gatekeeper “El Mesteno”. El Mesteno is a 32-foot-tall sculpture of a blue horse with glowing red eyes. Standing in full-on attack mode, it resembles something out of your worst nightmares. What makes it even more terrifying is its horrific backstory. El Mesteno was sculpted by a popular Mexican-American artist named Luis Jiminez. He had a great career but sadly this would be his last sculpture. Jiminez was killed in a freak accident when a piece of El Mesteno broke off and crushed him to death. The family of the artist, and the people at DIA still decided to go ahead and install the statue. El Mesteno aka “Blucifer” is said to be cursed and it still stands outside the mystery that is “Denver International Airport”.

El Mesteno will see you in your nightmares..

El Mesteno will see you in your nightmares..

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